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Building Information Modeling

American Industrial Contractors creates Building Information Models (BIM) for all of the projects we design. This advanced, 3-D modeling technology enables us to ensure that all of our HVAC systems are well-engineered and that communication between all parties—from other contractors to our building owners—have clear visibility into what will be built.


How We Use BIM for Commercial & Industrial HVAC System Design

BIM models bring together all aspects of the construction project: from ideas and design documents to the functional characteristics and operational details. BIM software allows us to see a highly accurate virtual model of your existing systems, and to create comprehensive models of proposed new systems. Specifically, it allows us to

  • Create more accurate and detailed models of HVAC systems. This ensures that the systems are properly sized and installed and meets the specific needs of the building.
  • Identify potential conflicts between HVAC systems and other building systems. By streamlining visibility, we help to prevent costly rework during construction.
  • Generate reports and simulations that can be used to analyze the performance of HVAC systems. Simulations confirm that we have the best optimized system designed, ultimately helping reduce your energy consumption (and operating costs).
  • Provide a platform for collaboration between different stakeholders involved in the design, construction, and operation of HVAC systems. We're all working from the same information so that your systems are properly integrated. 
  • Help keep projects on time and within budget. A single source of truth for construction can drastically reduce cross-referencing and approval times, leading to higher productivity and lower costs.


BIM Provides Owner Benefits Beyond Installation.

BIM models can be used to create comprehensive documentation of your HVAC system, which can be extremely helpful for providing visibility for ongoing preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacements over the lifecycle of your system.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Building Information Modeling


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